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Total project value is 648.476 euro, out of which 363.170 euro is the grant approved by Innovation Norway.
A-Gluten has the capability to disrupt and innovate gluten free food products market and will represent our new growth driver. MIB TH aims to extend its current research conducted based on the previous researches made in Italy and fasten the market readiness of the gluten free biotech (A-Gluten). Practically the proposed research & innovation activities start from a TRL 5 level and aims to achieve a TRL 9 – market readiness/commercialization stage. The main result will be a new disruptive biotech product that can be used for producing gluten free food products.
Another key component of the project granted by Innovation Norway is focused on purchasing new top line equipment for upgrading and greening our production & R&D processes. Through this component MIB TH aims to innovate its business model, revise and green its production flow, and to develop capabilities of new revenue streams.  In this sense, MIB TH realized a strategic bilateral partnership with IDN Norway for piloting a Smart Factory solution/model.
Current project will support our company mission to become one of the Eastern Europe top leaders in the biotechnology sector.
Do you need biotech research, proof of concept or product? Contact us and let’s jointly disrupt the market!”