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The technology transfer available in MIB TH is based on a direct evaluation of the technology by the client, with a test in the fermenter.

Our technology transfer is not a blind procedure or a simple flask demonstration: the client technicians attend to the run of the process, with a deep explication of:

  • laboratory procedures
  • fermentation phase
  • down-stream phase

During the technology transfer, we deliver strain and a book of technology.

M.I.B. T.H. is available for training and lectures in order to make easier the implementation of the technology to the client site.

M.I.B. T.H. scientists will assist the client in the industrial implementation of the process, in case of the client request, assuring confidential assistance.

Technology transfer with licensing of fermentation and semi-synthesis processes producing:

  • bacteriostatic antibiotic API
  • anticancer API
  • vitamins
  • aminoacids
  • cosmetic ingredients
  • steroids
  • statins
  • other bioproducts